How Do I Look- The Destination Bride

 Happy Wedding Wednesday!

For this installment of How Do I Look- The Wedding Edition, I wanted to take a look at the destination or "beach" bride. Destination weddings continue to be a huge wedding trend, it allows the couple to marry in a unique and/or exotic locale, turn the wedding DAY into and wedding WEEKEND, offers naturally beautiful backdrops for the ceremony and reception and if the couple is looking for a more intimate setting, helps keep the guest count down.

I am personally a fan of destination/beach weddings simply because I am a fan of intimate weddings, islands and the beach! Give me the sun in between my toes, a beach chair and a cool beverage.... I am a happy girl!

Here are a few looks I put together that I hope inspire an destination bride out there:

Perfect length for a ceremony on the sand.
I love a high/low hemline....
Casual, yet chic looks for the groom 
Perfect shoe for a beach bride..
Breathtaking ceremony look
All reception is so modern and chic! 

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