This is not your mama's wedding......

Hey loves! I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote a post, but I have a great reason. I have recently gone through a re brand of my business and that meant taking time to update my website, get new marketing materials and creating new content that inspires you to host the wedding of your dreams! 

While we are on the subject, let's have a heart to heart about Wedding Planners and why hiring one is super important over allowing your friends and/or family to "handle it". 

Now, I'm sure your sister is a fantastic organizer and your aunt hosts the BEST family reunions.... but your wedding, the ONE day you choose to say I Do to the love of your life before all your loved ones, is NOT the time for them to try out their wedding planning skills! As much as they may have wonderfully heartfelt intentions, I have seen first hand that when you allow other people to insert their opinions, before you know it, your wedding looks NOTHING like you intended. 

Another reason you REALLY don't want to trust your wedding day to a non professional is: your family and friends don't want to spend your wedding day working! This is the one time you will probably be able to get your entire family in one room ( and meet your in laws for the first time). This isn't the day your cousin should be handling catering issues or have your sister running the day of logistics. 

Lastly, you should REALLY hire a professional to work for YOUR best interests; not your mom, your brother, ESPECIALLY not your jealous cousin who's mad you're getting married first because you made a  blood oath when you were five to have a double wedding, or your co workers  who probably weren't getting invited to the wedding anyway! 

I am here to work for you and your fiance, to create the wedding YOU dreamed of. To be objective, a compassionate ear and give you a day to remember! 

Are you planning a wedding and it looks like everyone has an opinion that doesn't match your vision? Contact Me today, and I'll help get you back on track! 

Until Next Week,

XOXO, Amber 


amber sanders

My journey to becoming an Event Planner dates back to my childhood, assisting my mother with planning and executing parties at our home and for my dad’s fraternity. I was training to be a professional dancer at the time, so I never thought about being a “Party Planner”, it was just fun for me to help her. After a fabulous and exciting dance career that spanned 20 plus years, I began working as a dance instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in downtown Chicago. Because of my excitement for our studio events and knack for organizing parties, I was soon promoted to Guest Director. This position allowed me to see that Marketing and Event Management was something I enjoyed, and it was then I realized this could be my next career move! I spent the next two years learning as much as I could about the Event Industry, including an internship with Desiree Moore Dent, Owner of Dejanae Events,as well as studying and becoming a Certified Wedding & Event Planner/Designer through Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute. This is how I learned more about the business side of running your own business, which was invaluable information! During this time, I offered my services to family and friends for any event they may have been having to gain as much "real world" experience as possible. In May of 2013, I decided to get my business license and launch Events with Ambiance. It has truly been eye opening that I am now an entrepreneur, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am grateful to have family and friends support me, my company has truly become a Family Business!! I am blessed to surround myself with people who are just as passionate about my business as I am; for me, Event Planning is about more than just throwing a great party, it's about creating an unforgettable experience for my clients and their guests!