It's the most wonderful time of the year....

I know we are only in the beginning of October, but that also means the holidays are fast approaching, and along with that comes the holiday parties!

Christmas and New Year's are my favorite holidays, when the air is crisp, the snow is freshly fallen, holiday lights are ablaze, and homes are filled with the smell of gingerbread and pine! This is the time of year when holiday party invitations start rolling in, and whether you are hosting friends in your home or your company is hosting their annual employee Holiday gala, plans are being made now to host the perfect event!

Below are a few images of my favorite holiday party inspirations, I hope you find inspiration in them as well. Whether you are planning a home affair, or renting out a venue to host your extravagant holiday affair, may your holiday be filled with lots of food, fun, family and friends! Contact us today for assistance with all of your holiday party needs, let us coordinate the details so you can sit back and enjoy!

So, What's your favorite part of the Holidays? Comment below and share your thoughts!