How Do I Look- the Wedding Edition!

Getting married can be a thrilling (and stressful) time for any engaged couple, and one of the most important decisions to make are 1. Where are we getting married? and 2. What are we going to wear?!

Over the next few blog posts, I will be giving you some wedding looks based on different wedding locations. Hopefully, some of these ideas will serve as inspiration for you and your groom ( and give you once less thing to think about!)

Our first wedding look is for the couple getting married in a classic hotel ballroom. This couple is generally looking for a wedding that is classic and timeless, maybe reminiscent of their parent's or grandparent's nuptials.


A classic tuxedo for the groom who wants to look like James Bond!
I love a classic ballgown, this is for the bride who wants to feel like a Princess!
For the bride who is a little more modern
Groom's complete look

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Next week: How Do I Look? (Wedding looks at an Art Gallery)