The Top 5 REAL Reasons You NEED to hire a Wedding Planner!

Happy #WeddingWednesday loves! 

You may be wondering why I put "real" and "need" in all caps in the blog title, and here's why. You can google 100 articles that will all tell the reasons to hire a Wedding Planner, and yet none of them seem to keep it real..... So, I want to give you the top 5 reasons you REALLY NEED to hire a Wedding Planner(in no particular order)! 

1. Because you have a full time job, fiance, family, social life and don't have time to abandon all those things to plan your wedding.  Ok, saying you have to abandon your regular life may be a bit dramatic, however Wedding Planning takes a lot of time, so why not hire someone who ONLY job is to plan weddings and allow you to enjoy your engagement process and also keeps you from feeling pressure to give into everyone else's ideas ?! 

2. Because your wedding is NOT the time for your aunties/cousins/friends/co workers to show off their DIY skills. No, seriously, just because your aunt plans all of the family dinner parties and your cousin got married two years ago and your best friend's grandmother is a really good cook DOES NOT mean they should be in charge of planning or being vendors on your special day! 

3. Because your venue coordinator is NOT your wedding planner. While venue coordinators are wonderful and serve a purpose, they are not going to be responsible for creating your timeline, budget, keeping your wedding party on time, making sure the DJ knows how to announce your wedding party names, making sure you pay your vendors on time, or keep your creepy Uncle Jerry from hitting on the bridesmaids when he had one too many whiskeys! 

4. Because neither you (or your family) should spend your wedding day running around handling logistics. This will probably be the one day you get all of your family members in one room and possibly get to meet your new in laws for the first time, this should not be the night you're handling catering issues or keeping the reception on time, and I can guarantee your family and friends don't want to get dressed up only to work your wedding because you didn't want to invest in a Wedding Planner. 

5. Because you have so many ideas, and no idea of how to make them come together! Instead of stressing out about your theme, hire someone like Events with Ambiance to take your vision, throw some sparkle on it and create the wedding of your dreams!

Now that you realize you can't go another day without hiring Events with Ambiance to handle all of your Wedding Day needs, Contact Me today and feel the stress of wedding planning fly away! 


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amber sanders

My journey to becoming an Event Planner dates back to my childhood, assisting my mother with planning and executing parties at our home and for my dad’s fraternity. I was training to be a professional dancer at the time, so I never thought about being a “Party Planner”, it was just fun for me to help her. After a fabulous and exciting dance career that spanned 20 plus years, I began working as a dance instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in downtown Chicago. Because of my excitement for our studio events and knack for organizing parties, I was soon promoted to Guest Director. This position allowed me to see that Marketing and Event Management was something I enjoyed, and it was then I realized this could be my next career move! I spent the next two years learning as much as I could about the Event Industry, including an internship with Desiree Moore Dent, Owner of Dejanae Events,as well as studying and becoming a Certified Wedding & Event Planner/Designer through Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute. This is how I learned more about the business side of running your own business, which was invaluable information! During this time, I offered my services to family and friends for any event they may have been having to gain as much "real world" experience as possible. In May of 2013, I decided to get my business license and launch Events with Ambiance. It has truly been eye opening that I am now an entrepreneur, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am grateful to have family and friends support me, my company has truly become a Family Business!! I am blessed to surround myself with people who are just as passionate about my business as I am; for me, Event Planning is about more than just throwing a great party, it's about creating an unforgettable experience for my clients and their guests!

Creating your "wed"site!

Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone!

Creating a wedding website or "wedsite" is an excellent way to provide information to your family, friends and guests about your upcoming nuptials. You definitely include:

  • Your Love Story: To share how you met and fell in love
  • A Who's Who of the Bridal Party: Because who doesn't want to know!
  • The Fine Details: Where and when you'll wed
  • Gift Guidance: The shops and sites you've registered at
  • Guest Book: So friends and family can write how cute you two look in your engagement photos

While there are so many sites to choose from, some of my favorite "wedsite" templates are on 

The Knot

Wedding Wire

, and 

Wedding Paper Divas

. They all offer free wedsites so you and your groom can share your love and wedding plans all in one convenient place! 

Happy Wedding Planning!



Let's Get Married.... Under The Sea!

Hey there! In today's post, I'm continuing in my series of the Modern Girls Guide to a Disney wedding with a wedding inspired by THE LITTLE MERMAID!


Now, this would obviously be a fantastic wedding to have on the beach, however, if you aren't a "beach bride", but love the theme, set your wedding at an aquarium! The Shedd Aquarium is a fantastic location for the bride looking for a beach/ Under the Sea theme without actually being at the beach!

These are the dresses I envision for the bride and bridal party:





The Cake:


The Ceremony:


The Centerpieces:

mermaidflowers mermaidtable


For my next post, I'm taking a look at Snow White....

Until next time!



A Wedding fit for a Princess.... a Disney Princess!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE a good love story and there is no better love story than a Disney love story! For the next few posts, I'm taking a spin at modern weddings inspired by some of Disney's iconic love stories..... today, let's look at Cinderella.


Alfred Angelo Bridal has created an entire line of wedding dresses inspired by Disney Princesses, this one is the Cinderella:

cinderella wedding dress

cinderella wedding shoes

When it comes to location and decor, a majestic ballroom, designed with a color theme of silver, blue and ivory are what I see for the ceremony and reception.

cinderella receptioncinderella ceremony

pumpkin ceterpieces

I love king's tables for a wedding reception, especially one that is royally themed! cinderella kings table

cinderella wedding favors

Next week, I'm looking at a modern wedding inspired by Ariel, The Little Mermaid!



Color Me YELLOW!!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

This week, we are looking at Yellow as a color inspiration for your wedding. Yellow is a happy, vibrant color that will certainly bring a sense of joy to your nuptials!



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How Do I Look- The Destination Bride

 Happy Wedding Wednesday!

For this installment of How Do I Look- The Wedding Edition, I wanted to take a look at the destination or "beach" bride. Destination weddings continue to be a huge wedding trend, it allows the couple to marry in a unique and/or exotic locale, turn the wedding DAY into and wedding WEEKEND, offers naturally beautiful backdrops for the ceremony and reception and if the couple is looking for a more intimate setting, helps keep the guest count down.

I am personally a fan of destination/beach weddings simply because I am a fan of intimate weddings, islands and the beach! Give me the sun in between my toes, a beach chair and a cool beverage.... I am a happy girl!

Here are a few looks I put together that I hope inspire an destination bride out there:

Perfect length for a ceremony on the sand.
I love a high/low hemline....
Casual, yet chic looks for the groom 
Perfect shoe for a beach bride..
Breathtaking ceremony look
All reception is so modern and chic! 

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How Do I Look- the Wedding Edition!

Getting married can be a thrilling (and stressful) time for any engaged couple, and one of the most important decisions to make are 1. Where are we getting married? and 2. What are we going to wear?!

Over the next few blog posts, I will be giving you some wedding looks based on different wedding locations. Hopefully, some of these ideas will serve as inspiration for you and your groom ( and give you once less thing to think about!)

Our first wedding look is for the couple getting married in a classic hotel ballroom. This couple is generally looking for a wedding that is classic and timeless, maybe reminiscent of their parent's or grandparent's nuptials.


A classic tuxedo for the groom who wants to look like James Bond!
I love a classic ballgown, this is for the bride who wants to feel like a Princess!
For the bride who is a little more modern
Groom's complete look

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Next week: How Do I Look? (Wedding looks at an Art Gallery)